I want students to know they matter, and because they matter they can make a difference.

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Terrence's Mission

My mission for every school assembly is to give every student hope and empower them to give hope to others.

I believe what happens to a student today will effect your community tomorrow. That’s why it’s important to not only educate their minds but their hearts as well. My family and I have committed our lives to making a lasting and positive impact in the lives of students everywhere. It is an honor to partner with you and your school’s goal of educating the whole student to make a positive impact tomorrow.

Today, students face an uphill battle against bullying, peer pressure, family hurts and life altering choices. If we can help bring students together, give another option, heal some hurts and help realize positive life choices; we would have better students and a positive school atmosphere. This is where I can help assist you with this school assembly presentation. My hope is that students will know “that you matter and because you matter you can make a difference.” With the battle students face, they have to know there’s hope.

Listen to what others are saying


Katie Morlock
Red Wing High School

"Terrence was fantastic! I’m nervous to have to teach the students after him being here. So much enthusiasm; kept their interest level high!”

Jason McFarlane
DC Everest

"Engaging presentation that forced students to think about some critical issues for our school society."

Amy Voigt
Maple Lake High School

"Terrence did excellent! He grabbed the students’ attention right from the beginning and tried to get everyone involved.”

Deb Becker
Osseo Senior High

“Definitely want him back! Best speaker I have had!”


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