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How Can You Help?

1. Giving money to the fight is one of the easiest ways to get involved. The money you give will go towards helping me do school assembly programs to educate students and also to help find victims that are being trafficked already. Your financial gift will be greatly appreciated. A one time gift of any amount is good but a monthly contribution would be great in helping us continually fight the fight of modern day slavery. To do so you can click on the “donate today” button below. Thank you for whatever gift you can give.

2. The Superbowl is the most popular time for human trafficking in our country. So wherever the Superbowl is being held, we go and do school assemblies in that city. Then at night we are literally on the streets working with local law enforcement trying to find these victims. The more people we have looking with us the better. If your interested in going with us this year to New Jersey (where the Superbowl is being held) I can definitely keep you updated on the trip and get you and a friend a spot or if you would like to donate towards this trip please click the “donate today” button below.

3. Lastly, you can send an email to your local law makers here in MN to let them know we need to protect these victims and make harsher penalties on the pimps and Johns. Right now the law here in Minnesota is that the person being trafficked and sold gets jail time while the pimps and Johns only get fines. Its not right and your politicians need to know.

Donate Today

When donating remember to…. Put “FREE TALLEY” in the designation spot.