The MOVEMENT has already started, are you a part of it?

Every student has the potential to change the world with their “smile.” Their smile is the thing they do best. Their smile is the thing that other people see and it makes them want to discover their smile. Their smile simply comes down to their Hope. Unfortunately in the world we live in students are bombarded with things that cover up that smile (i.e. broken homes, drugs, bullying, cyber bullying, depression, broken relationships etc.). It’s time we clean faces and show students that their exist an awesome smile on everyone. This is how;

I want to work WITH you!

I want to work with you and the rest of your community to deliver a message that hits all your students. So figuring out what issues your students are struggling with and design the program to fit their needs. When I come to your community I am offering to be with you for the day and I mean the DAY. What that means after the program I am free to visit classrooms to get more in depth and answer questions about what was presented. If their are students that need to talk one on one afterwards (and theres a lot of them) I want to make myself available to each one to hear their story and talk through their situation with them. I want to make sure when I come to visit you, I am leaving your community better.

I want to teach your students to pass A SMILE on!

It is my goal to work myself out of a job. If you have students that want to continue to keep the feeling of unity on your campus all year long (i.e. Student Councils, clubs etc.), I want to talk through it with them to make sure they have the tools to do just that. My passion and education in leadership has prepared me to help bring change and keep it with groups that are willing to take the steps. I believe students are the key to keeping the message alive, keeping the smile going!